Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I'd rather have than a head cold...

I hate being sick. My whole family is sick. Poor little J kept me up all night (ok, every couple hours, for a half hour at a time, all night) because every time his nose would fill with snot he'd start crying. So now I am exhausted and my sinuses feel like they are full of cotton, and my head is all fuzzy, and my nose can't seem to decide if it would rather run or be stuffy. On the "up" side, I have paid sick days. C is worst off, he's got a horrible fever and the head cold. J is currently in his room, in his bouncy seat, taking a nap. He spent all night in his bouncy seat, since sleeping upright meant he woke up every 2 hours instead of every 45 minutes. Of all the colds to get, I hate having a stuffy/runny nose/head cold worst, because my nose gets all red and I produce more snot than should be legal. I produce copius amounts of snot anyway, when I get sick it just gets worse.

These are some of the things I'd rather have than a head cold:
cough, sore throat, and fever
the flu
stomach flu (because at least you'll lose weight, and it doesn't last as long as morning sickness)
horrendous menstrual cramps
a migraine
a broken finger or toe
a sprained joint
a regular headache

Here are some of the things I'd prefer a head cold to:
morning sickness
diabetes (gestational or otherwise)
broken legs
flesh eating bacteria
abscessed tooth

Now, off to take a nap for me.

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