Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots of Random and Baby-Related Musings

Three years ago tomorrow, I started the cycle that led to J.
During that cycle, I started my job. I got the flu and had a fever on my first day of work, but you can't call in sick your first day. Because I had the flu and other stresses, I didn't ovulate until CD28. You may notice (if you are familiar with Fertility Friend) that we had sex 5 and 3 days before ovulation, because I'd thought I ovulated already. When my temp dropped I turned to C and said, "Hmm. We may have made a baby this month." I was sort of joking, since the 3 cycles prior to that we'd had no luck with TTC. One month to the day after I started my job, I got this:
So much for taking a few months off from TTC (we were going to take a few months off so I'd qualify for FMLA). I am so glad we had J, even if he did arrive on his own timeline! He's the best kid I could have imagined. Even though I have a small bruise from the biting rampage he went on a few days ago. Grr.

Anyway. *If* C and I were going to TTC #2 this cycle, the timeline would be 2 weeks and 4 days off from my pregnancy with J. If we were successful. And if we were TTC, which we aren't. I refuse to be in my 3rd trimester at Christmas again. Deprive a pregnant woman of Christmas cookies? That's just mean.

We are planning to TTC this summer (HA! No more specific than that. I know it's just *killing* you, right? Okay, that's enough deluding myself). This gives us the following possible due dates, for all the potential cycles that I have estimated. Assuming ovulation on CD20 and an average of 32 day cycles.
5/13/2011 ( if we need more May babies in this family...Hmm.)
7/16/2011 (Ooh, super pregnant in the summer with no A/C.)
8/17/2011 (Yeah. Same as above comment.)
9/18/2011 (Still super pregnant in the summer with no A/C. Let's hope one of the earlier cycles works, eh?)

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