Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recipe for a Shitty Morning

1.14" of snow.
2. Snow plow that doesn't plow within 12 feet of my garage, so I can't just pull out into the nicely plowed lot and go.
3. Snow plow that not only doesn't plow within 12 feet of my garage, but manages to push just enough snow into the already heaping amount in front of the garage that trying to pull out and go causes me to high center my fucking car, and I have to spend 20 minutes digging myself out of my own (tiny) driveway. Have I mentioned that we live in the suburbs and in an HOA controlled townhome complex that pays for snow "removal" so these things (theoretically) won't happen?
4. Shite roads all the way to the highway. Yay.
5. City bus drives past me as I'm walking into work, splattering my back (and front, somehow) with icy, shitty, dirty slush.
6. PMS. Just for giggles.
7. Really sore throat. I think it's chronic tonsillitis. I get it pretty much whenever I get sick usually.Anyway. It sucks.

I seriously almost cried when #5 happened.

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