Friday, March 5, 2010

Ugh. Men.

C is mad at me because I didn't call to check with him that it was okay that I spent (ready?) $40 instead of $20 on a gift for someone. Really? REALLY? I almost never go over budget on anything, and NEVER double the budget, but it is only $20. Whoopie. He doesn't even mind that I spent it (well, he does but not too much), it's the fact that I didn't call while I was at the counter before I paid. Um, C? I'm pretty sure that until you make more money than me, I get to spend $20 extra on a gift for my friend if I want to. So bugger off.

Stupid men.

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carrie said...

loved this post, made me giggle out loud when i read it. thanks for making my morning.
carrie b.