Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Not Feelin' It

PMS is a bitch. My temp is still up-ish (over coverline) but I feel all PMSy. Exhausted, sore boobs (though not very sore! Yay for the vitamin E working it's magic!), cramps, lots of lovely spots on my chest, etc. I am going to call them spots from now on, it sounds so much nicer than zits or pimples. I have made it to 13 DPO without a substantial drop in temperature, though my current temp is what it was when this cycle started, and I didn't take the B6 regularly this cycle. I took it rather infrequently during the FP, but mostly that was because I had the stomach flu for part of the second week of my cycle so everything was all off. Last cycle it made me so sick to my stomach starting like the day of ovulation, I can't say I was sad to take a month off. Next cycle I'll try again and see what happens.Update: eating my afternoon snack (almonds, yay for eating healthy again!) is making me nauseous. "Sweet." Progesterone sucks. Maybe one cycle of B6 was enough to get my body back on track or something. I never used to get nauseated during my LP. Having had a baby messes with your cycle.

Mentally I'm just totally dragging. I just want a vacation. Maybe I need more caffeine. I've already had coffee today. I think I need some more. Maybe I'll go walk the stairs for a few minutes. That would warm me up too, I'm cold. Yay for random whining!!

If it matters, my day yesterday improved tremendously after the morning mishaps. Until I got home and J decided it would be fun to bite me 5 times, consequences be damned. Yeah. I had a rum and coke before bed.

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