Thursday, May 15, 2014

6 Weeks

Taken in the evening, but I'm even sucking it in.. wtf. 

How Far along: 6 weeks

Baby size: The size of a sweet pea.

Total weight gain: Eh, lost like 0.4 pounds.

Maternity clothes: I've been holding one pair of jeans closed with a rubber band. But no actual maternity clothes yet.

Sleep: I got to take naps this weekend. On Mothers Day, C said he couldn't believe I took a 2 1/2 hour nap and still was ready for bed by 9:30. He apparently forgot the first few months of pregnancy from the last two.

Best Moment this week: Um. Hmm. Mother's Day breakfast with the family. 

Movement: N/A

Gender: Still think boy.

Labor signs: N/A

Belly button: In, not gonna change.

Cravings: Lemon bars, lemonade...lemon/lime lotion (not to eat, just to sniff) (early in the week), but if it's actually sour it is not good. Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, Cinnamon bears (OMG CINNAMON BEARS), chai. Cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting I was actually able to snarf down without caution (not really a craving but it was a good impromptu snack). Cinnamon gum.  Chocolate croissant. Beef jerky.

Aversions: Food...empty stomach... Unfortunately Bunsen doesn't seem to like tomato-based pasta sauce, with pasta. So... yeah. Oh, and eggs. Just the smell, or the word "eggs"... almost made me lose it.

What I miss: Not having morning sickness (which kicked in on Mothers Day. Thanks, baby.)

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

What is different this time around: Still exercising :-)! And... actually wanting pepperminty stuff in my face. Yeah that's about it that I hadn't covered yet. Also, I made it to 6 weeks and haven't puked yet. So I don't know how that compares to previously, but I know that by 7 weeks with J I had thrown up a number of times.

What I am looking forward to this week: More running, I'd like to get 6+ miles in again, and do prenatal yoga at least once in the coming week. I may be overly optimistic with this. C's older brother and his family are going to be in town on Sunday, so we're seeing them, and Saturday is the annual Mike the Headless Chicken Day party, so that will be awesome.

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