Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy birthday to Dee!!

 We had a Fairy Party for Dee's 3rd birthday at my mom's house. She was thrilled, but apparently not in the mood to keep her wings on for any pictures. I'll eventually get one of her with her wings so I can show you guys.

Sitting in front of the Fairy Treats Table


The food table had the following (with labels, of course!): Fairy Cakes (vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting), fruits and veggies "From the Fairies' Garden" (raspberries, strawberries, purple cauliflower, baby carrots, and sugar snap peas); Toadstools (Baby Bell Cheese); Shooting Stars (yogurt star cookies); Magic Wands (yogurt star cookies attached to breasticks); Fairy Pillows (vanilla cupcake kettle corn); Kelpie Treats (seaweed and veggie straws). It was all a big hit!

Dragon Riding, naturally

J proudly wearing his "Poison dragon" wings (they had green glitter on the back, but you can't see that so well here)

My fairy child
All the kids had the choice between fairy wings and dragon wings. I think the boys all picked dragon wings off the bat, Dee wore her fairy wings for 5 minutes, and the other little girl wore 2 pairs of fairy wings and a pair of dragon wings for a while.

I wish my camera worked so I could have taken pictures of what I wanted (my phone doesn't take very good pictures), but my mom did take some nice ones and so did a friend of ours. Nobody got pictures of the little teeny fairies that were scattered around the house and balcony.

3 year stats: 37" and 28ish pounds. She was 50% for height and 17 for weight.

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