Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things left to do...(Updated again)

I feel like we have *so* much left to do on the house before we can put it on the market. I've decided that putting up a list somewhere will help me feel like we're making progress. Of course, if things would stop BREAKING we could make more freaking progress! We also all need to stop getting sick...

1. Pack! (125/? done)
2. Laminate floors! (kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway) - DONE!!!
3. Carpet in bedrooms
4. Tiles in entryway and fireplace - DONE!

5. Baseboards replaced: dining room, living room, hallway, 2nd bath (maybe?), kitchen
6. Painting! Dining room walls, baseboards; Hallway walls, baseboards, doors; kitchen walls, baseboards; living room walls, baseboards; master bath walls, baseboards, new toilet bought and installed; 2nd bath walls, baseboards (replace and paint); master bedroom walls, baseboards; kids' room walls (remove wallpaper first), baseboards (reinstall and caulk/paint)
7. Redo floor in 2nd bathroom (in progress, 4 tiles left), replace 2 tiles in master bath
8. Light fixtures installed: dining room, hallway, living room, entryway
9. Test light in entryway and fireplace wall switch - DONE!

10. Replace all smoke detectors (2/4 done), purchase & install CO detector
11. "Transform" kitchen cabinets- in progress
12. Desk, and new crib in storage
13. Plants - get rid of, etc
14. Replace bad light switch in entryway
15. Because life is fun like this: replace garage door opener  broken shade in living room. 
16. Touch-ups of paint everywhere that needs it.
17. Install transition strips on floors
18. New range hood: hook it up to a regular plug and install.

10/3/14: On the upside, the dining room is virtually done, and the house is starting to not feel like our house any more.

10/6: Completed rooms: Dining Room, Master Bath

10/24: Completed rooms: Dining room, master bath, kitchen (except baseboard paint), kids' room (except baseboard paint), kids' closet and master walk-in closet (those are totally rooms, shut up)

10/30: Everything is done except the baseboards being caulked and painted and the master bedroom finished being painted. My project for the weekend. Yay!

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