Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 Followers, Two Baby Girls, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Aww, I feel so special! I have 2 followers now. :-) Thanks for finding my ramblings interesting!

Oh, and my sister N is having twin GIRLS (due in June)! I swear there is nothing cuter than twin girls. One baby girl is cute, and you can dress her in cute girlie frilly clothes, and with twins there are two of them that you can dress in semi-matchy girlie frilly clothes!I guess triplet girls would technically be cuter than twins, but hey, I am excited. I am going to knit them booties and blankets, maybe hats (if I am so inclined); one pink set and one purple set. Don't take this to mean that I don't think J is cute, but boy stuff just isn't as cute as girl stuff.

Alas, no partridges, but it sounded neat. J tried to say "bath" yesterday, he was playing by the bathtub, trying to turn on the faucet (which he can't reach really, and I moved him away) and he kept saying "Ba! Ba!" I guess he wanted to take a bath. He didn't get one though. Then this morning he tried to say juice, and he said bottle (we gave him his juice in a "toddler sport bottle" which is basically a bottle). Juice came out as "jjjjoooo" but I thought that was a pretty good attempt! Also, here is my favorite picture of J currently. I have one of me at about 3 years old making a slightly less squinchy version of this face, and we look soo similar!

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