Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last night

If last night wasn't rough enough as it was, J kept me up most of the night. C went to bed at like 9, so it was nice to have some time alone, especially with the fabulous mood he'd been in. I put J to bed at 8, he was awake and crying by 10. I let him cry a little to see if he'd just go back to sleep like he sometimes does, but after about 5 minutes I went in and nursed him, tried to soothe him, and put him back in his crib. More crying. About 30 seconds after I closed his door, C went in and got him, and accuses me of not being able to hear him and just leaving him to cry. Um, what? I explained that I had literally just put him back down after nursing him and trying to soothe him, and C says he didn't hear me, and hands J back to me, and goes back to bed. Nice. Not that he could sleep anyway. So I carried J around with me while I got diapers set up to dry (we use cloth diapers) and while I made my spaghetti for lunch for today. I didn't manage to ruin the pan, by the way. Finally around 10:45 I nurse J again, try to get him to go back to sleep, and end up curled up with him in his crib. Yes I fit, but it was kinda hard to get in and out because my legs are short. Anyway, I finally got him to go to sleep and I got into my own bed at about 11:30. Alarm set for 5:20, and go to sleep.

At 2, J woke up again. Crying, again. I gave him some Tylenol, nursed him, cuddled him, and every time I set him down he started with the screaming again. I sang "Hush Little Baby" 3 times while nursing him, and 2 1/2 times while laying down with him in the crib (again) while rubbing his back. I think the Tylenol finally kicked in and he fell asleep, still whimpering. He occasionally popped his head up and looked at me, but when I did finally get up and go to bed at 3, he didn't make a peep. This morning we had to get up at 5:20 to drop C off at work by 6. MIL was due to arrive by 8, so I had a little time to get breakfast, showered, and diapers folded. J was cranky as hell, again, and chewing on his fingers in the only two spots he can without biting them with his teeth. I think his canines are bugging him with their attempts at erupting. Ugh. At least I can get some cheap coffee here at work. I think it's about time to go get that now, or I may fall asleep counting cells.

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