Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking Up From Down

Things have been going much better since my last post. I called my MWs to ask what I can do about all the spotting, and they put me on Yaz (yes, on top of Implanon) to try and trick my body into some kind of cycles, rather than just almost constant spotting/bleeding. 3 days in, the spotting stopped. Whee! So far, so good. I've finished 1 week's worth so far, hopefully it continues to work.

J has still not been sleeping as well as he used to, but he only seems to be waking up when the Tylenol wears off (so, like, 4am...). One of the top canines has broken through, just a teensy bit, but it's progress. The other has made his gums all swollen and you can see it, but it isn't poking out yet. Hopefully it will finish it's journey soon and our happy little boy will be back to his always happy little self, instead of his mostly happy little self. He has certainly been practicing stringing "words" together. On Saturday, he was saying "Woah,woah,woooaaah" (which was hilarious, and adorable) all day, then Sunday it was "Wowwowwoooow" and today he saw a puppy (about the size of our hound) and he sad "Dawdawdaaaawwg!" He's also been slathering me with kisses. Slathering is really the closest description, when a kiss consists of an open mouth being repeatedly pressed into your cheek by a drooling, teething pseudo-toddler. J is also making a greater attempt at learning to walk. He can occasionally stand alone for about a second before plopping onto his little diapered butt, and he LOVES holding both my hands (or C's hands, whoever is "handy") and marching/running as fast as his semi-coordinated legs will carry him. I told him he walks like a monkey. Oh, and J experienced his first solid-food vomit! He got a piece of bean skin (if you've eaten chili with beans, you know what I mean) stuck on the back of his tongue, and he coughed a couple times, then puked up a little teeny bit of chili barf. Yeah, that's a dorky thing to get excited about, but it's an oft-overlooked milestone! Unfortunately, it seems that he is actually allergic to cow's milk, since he's had really...explosive...poops since we switched him to cow's milk. So, back to goat's milk it is. Hopefully that will solve the problem. He does still nurse twice a day, and he sometimes wants to nurse other times (like all day on Saturday). I'm trying to figure out an easy thing for him to call nursing, I was thinking "nan" but I'm not really sure how to go about it. For now I will just ask him if he wants to nurse, and he'll lean down and attemt to free my breast or just nurse through my shirt if he wants to, or he'll look around the room or try to get down if he doesn't want to.

Also, C had an interview today with a company called Mad Science, that goes around to local schools and does after-school science programs, as well as summer camps. As far as he could tell it went well, and we'll know in the next couple days if he's got a second interview. We are REALLY hoping he gets this, as the hours would be in the afternoon so we could coordinate schedules and hopefully not have to send J to daycare (though we do qualify for state assistance for full-time daycare).

Ah, yes, in all, things are looking up.


Erin said...

:) that was good to read. Hope things continue looking up!

Leslie said...

Not sure if I've left an invite b4, my blogs private but if ur interested just email me n I will email u the invite.. leslie_7401@yahoo.com Glad things r looking up!