Thursday, February 26, 2009

Putting on the Big Girl Panties

This is a phrase I first heard on the Nest-become-Bump and I love it. Some of my coworkers need to put on their big girl panties and deal with things, rather than bitching about them. Seriously. If you have a project going which requires a certain number of x, and most of x become dirty in the process and you have to wash more x in order to continue, then wash x. It isn't frickin rocket science. Don't throw a hissy fit and get everyone involved in your drama because *gasp* you ran out of x and had to wash more! I've run out of x and had to wash more, then use the air thingy in the lab to dry more, and I didn't bitch and moan about it. Seriously. Get your meds fixed, put the big girl panties on, and DEAL WITH IT.

Really, this phrase is highly amusing to use.

And, alas, I have another head cold. I am going to go to Walgreens and get a Neti Pot, since enough people have recommended them I figured I should quit my bitching and try it. The worst that could happen is I will make a mess and still feel like cotton is in my sinuses. Also, the library got a book I had on hold! (Breaking Dawn, if you're interested...::hangs head in shame::) I haven't read Eclipse yet, but I read the summary. Breaking Dawn's the one I wanted to read more anyway. Somehow the waiting list for Eclipse is over 100 people (I am #99 on that list) and the waiting list for Breaking Dawn was only like 30. Hmm. I am also still waiting for Contagious, but I am still #9 on that list. People must be damn slow readers of that book, I was #10 for like 3 weeks before this.

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