Monday, July 19, 2010

Have you tried the random? I hear it's good.

My back hurts. Sciatica. For 2 days now. Just because yesterday I wanted to take the dogs and The Boy for a nice long walk after a long hiatus. We did do 1.7 miles, but OW. We made it for 15 minutes today before my sciatica started stabbing me in the ass.

I don't know WTF is up with my chart this month. Well, I know WTF I hope is up with it, but I don't know that's what it is, because apparently I pee on things too soon. *sigh* Seriously, impatient here.

I've felt "letdown" reflexes twice in the past few days (if you've never breastfed, this will make no sense to you). Apparently that can be a sign of pregnancy, and as I haven't felt that in over 6 months (it's now been a year since J was weaned), I'm inclined to over hope. Oy.

What else...hmm. I've been really thirsty, but that may have more to do with the fact that we're in the middle of July in Colorado than anything else.

I'm so damn bloated I look pregnant. It's getting on my nerves and I am running out of shirts that hide the pudge. I guess I have to do some laundry.

I spent a good chunk of time going through the chart gallery on FF the other day, looking at triphasic charts (which mine is). From my research, it appears that between 2/3 and 3/4 of triphasic charts were pregnancy charts.

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