Wednesday, July 7, 2010


J and I met Scott Sigler tonight. It was awesome. He's such a nice guy! Not nearly as tall as I thought, which is good, because I was intimidated enough at meeting him. It would have only been scarier if he'd been towering over me. I also had the opportunity to slam my first ever bar-purchased IPA (a Bridgeport, if you are wondering. Mmmm, IPA...) at the bar after the book signing. I did make him an ancestor plush of his very own, too. Just because I plan to sell a few to other Junkies doesn't mean I'll make Scott pay for one. That would just be wrong. He signed Infected (it says "Save Perry's Balls!") and Ancestor ("Thanks for the Ancestor, Baby McButter Rocks.") for me, and we got a picture!  Anyway. This was a monumental night for me. I think I'd rank it higher than meeting Bruce Campbell, because, well, Scott Sigler is more down to earth and I got to drink a beer with him.

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Scott Sigler said...

Take THAT, Bruce Campbell! However, he is taller than me, so he wins in that category for sure.