Thursday, July 22, 2010


I looked very closely at my chart. If I tell FF to analyze it using the FAM, I get an ovulation day of CD 14, which is what I had been going off of, and my chart is triphasic, I appear to be at 13DPO, and it looks like this:

If, however, I change the settings to "Advanced" analysis, which takes all factors into account (I think), I get an ovulation day of CD 17, which puts me at 10DPO today. Considering that I had made a note on CD17 that I had so much EWCM I was doubting my ovulation date, I'm really thinking this may be the correct O date, even though I didn't feel a darn thing. This is the chart with that interpretation. (I also dropped that random high temp, but only because it gave me pretty solid crosshairs vs dotted ones.)

I am suddenly feeling much more optimistic about this cycle. Considering that I apparently started testing at 6DPO (which I thought was 9 at the time), no wonder I've only gotten BFNs. 

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