Monday, July 12, 2010

Things The Boy Has Said

On a longish car ride, we had the following conversation as J looked out the window:
J: "I see bears outside. Daddy bear and beeb bears."
Me: "What are the bears doing?"
J: "Hiding."
At this point I start suggesting things the Berenstain bears do, just in case his bears happened to be doing those things as well. James said "no" to all my suggestions until this one: "Are the bears hiking?"
J: "Yes, bears climb mountain. See saur (=dinosaur). T-Rex. Saur says RAAWR, eats bears."
C: "The dinosaur ate the bears?"
J: "Yes. Lots."

Here are some other amusing revelations that the boy has had:

"Mama has squishy boobies. I have squishy boobies!" (followed by him pinching his chest)

"That's CRAZY." (comments from the peanut gallery as C and I were talking about something)

"I have big balls." (this is much funnier out of context, so I won't explain)

*fake cough* "Mama, cough. I need medicine." (followed by a cheesy grin; though I should add that he woke up with a real cough, and was very excited because that meant he could have medicine)

"Lion pants! Raaar!" (as he tries to put his lion shirt on as pants)

"Mama! I heared funder! You heared funder? Funder means is raining. Tigger says funders scary." (I think he was talking about 4th of July fireworks as thunder, because he'd just learned what thunder was but there wasn't any that night, just fireworks.)

"Mama! Need more fisses (kisses)! Need fisses on my cheets (cheeks). And my ears. And...uh...need nuvver fiss onna cheets." (stalling at bedtime)

"Daddy, wanna call grahma." (They call Grandma.) "Hi Grahma! Okay talktoyoulater." (James closes the phone.)

"Bye Grahma, havegoodday!" (saying goodbye to a different grandma than the one he hung up on)

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