Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts on Blue Bell Ice Cream

Apparently it's a big deal, but Blue Bell ice cream is now available in Colorado. Eager to see what the big deal was all about, C went and bought some. It's really nothing special. I honestly think Ben and Jerry's is better. So is Haagen Dazs. Nothing beats Tillamook, of course, but we haven't had that ice cream since we left WA. It really was awesome. *Sigh*
So, in conclusion, Blue Bell is nothing special. Really. Not very exciting. About on par with Breyers, in my opinion, actually.

Nobody gave me anything for me to write this, I just figured I'd put my opinion out there. And if anyone from Tillamook wants to send me some ice cream, that would rock. Really, really, really rock. Like the huckleberry one. Mmm...

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A Rancher's Wife said...

Good to hear. I was worried I was missing out!