Monday, September 27, 2010

9 Weeks.

How Far along: 9 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain: -3 (Yep, that's -3 in one week. Whee.) 

Maternity clothes: Nope but that rubber band is doing a great job holding up my pants. When I'm wearing real pants, that is. This weekend I lived in yoga pants.

Sleep: Yes, please. Although I've had to start putting a pillow between my knees.

Best Moment this week: The brief respite after vomiting.

Movement: N/A

Gender: Girl?

Labor signs: N/A

Belly button: In

Cravings/Aversions: Food does not agree with me. I've "craved" cream of wheat and a Vietnamese noodle bowl, and waffles, only one of which stayed down. Care to guess which?

What I miss: Wanting food/to eat, and not feeling constantly queasy, vomity, or hungry. Feeling normal. Not feeling completely demoralized by pregnancy sickness. Keeping down more than 1/3 of what I eat. Being able to just play with my son without feeling like I'm going to pass out or throw up on him.

Stretch Marks: No new ones but my old ones are definitely easier to see as my belly distends.

What is different this time around: How very sick I am. The fact that my hips are already spreading, evident by the pillow I must sleep with between my knees so I don't wake up in agony.

What I am looking forward to this week: Zofran? Please? Because Reglan does not to a fucking thing other than cause diarrhea, interact with Tylenol (?!) and be bad for people with a history of depression. Have I mentioned that I hate Kaiser?

Picture to come later. Sorry for the rather bleak update, I just feel like shit and I'm so over it. Can I just sleep til April?

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