Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hush Puppy does not like peaches. Sad. I usually (in my adult life, anyway) love peaches, and this is the season for them. I haven't been able to finish a peach in over a week. They all taste horrendous, no matter how ripe they actually are. Plus, I really want to taste coffee, but the thought of actually adding anything to my already-bloated and full tummy is kind of repulsive. If only I could just suck on some coffee.

As an aside, I'm wondering if my work is figuring anything out. You know, since I constantly have snacks in my desk and by 12 or 1 every day my belly becomes a lot more prominent than it did a couple weeks ago. Or the fact that during bronchoscopies where I have to be dressed in a hot (literally, they're like plastic bags) gown and mask I've been aiming a fan at my back so I don't overheat and puke and/or pass out. Maybe they just think I'm chubby, and that it's hot where we do bronchs, all of a sudden. We'll go with that. I think it's glaringly obvious that I'm pregnant and have a bloat baby, but then, I'm in on the secret. I don't know when I will tell them. Probably after my first ultrasound, if I can wait that long. Without like puking in the lab, I mean. Hmm. Although I do have to work with some heinous chemicals tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll ask one of my coworkers to mix up the things for me so I can have minimal contact with them. I don't want HP to have 2 heads or anything. Even if that would get him or her a show on the Discovery channel so we'd all be set for life. Birthing that would not be so fun though.

J was very cute this morning, though. He wanted to say goodbye to me and also "luffyou Mama!" and to say goodbye to HP. This involves lifting up my shirt and kissing my belly, and saying "Bye, bee" (bee means baby). Aww.

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