Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick of Morning Sickness

I know I don't have it as bad as some, I get it. I am just sick of being nauseous, then starving, then full, then nauseous because I'm full, then queasy just because, and then hungry again. I am sick of having to eat all the frickin time. I just ate a bowl of soup 30 minutes ago, and I'm hungry again. Nothing sounds good. I am making muffinlets for dinner, but the rice isn't done cooking yet.

Plus C is gone hunting this week, so it's just J and the dogs and I. I miss having someone else around to deal with all the poop.

I also puked (first time, at least) while we were at Panera yesterday. Barely made it to the bathroom in time. Boy does it slow you down when you have to drag (yep, pretty much dragged him) your toddler to the bathroom with you. In hindsight, we should have picked a table closer to the bathrooms, but I wasn't really thinking about that.

4 more weeks. I can make it 4 more weeks. At least.

The vitamin B6 does help, as do the B-Natal vitamin B suckers. Though J keeps asking for one, and asked me "Mama, whats that sucker doing?" earlier when I was having one on the way to the grocery store. I just said that sometimes when a mommy is growing a baby it makes her tummy feel yucky, so the sucker is helping my tummy feel better. He must really want one, he tried to trade a ginger snap for my sucker this afternoon.

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