Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crazy Pregnant Dreams

I had a dream last night that HP wasn't just one baby. Nope, he or she was quintuplets. That looked like panda bears on ultrasound. Hmm. It seemed that the quints were identical triplets and identical twins. Crazy, right? So then I proceeded to give birth, like, now. At home, but in a weird place that wasn't actually my home at all, and C just watched, and there was no pain at all. But there were only 2 babies, and the first one was bigger than the second, and they were full term and healthy. I only know it was "now" because I had a conversation about canceling my first appointment because I'd already had the babies. Nevermind that somehow I'd clearly had an appointment in order to have an ultrasound. Anyway, the gist of the dream was that there were twins, and I never definitely found out the gender. The first baby breastfed like a champ though. I *think* that the first child, the bigger one, was a boy, and actually was J because that's sort of how the dream morphed after the babies were born. The second baby, later in the dream, was a little girl that was my daughter. She was wearing a pink, white and yellow flowered dress with two teeny little pigtails on the sides of her head. She was maybe a year old at this point. Blond, like J, that golden shade that's not exactly pure blond but not quite strawberry blond either.

So that's that. I'm either having panda quints, or twins, and they may or may not be a boy and a girl.

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Kuri said...

LOL. So it sounds like your subconscious has pretty much got all options covered then?